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new mouthpiece

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buying a new mouthpiece?

what is the best all around metal mouthpiece?

your opinions please.

mouthpieces that you have tried?

alto sax sorry.
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Vague question, again . . . soprano? alto? tenor? etc. Plus, this section is for saxophones, not mouthpieces and accessories.

I've owned Links, Yanagisawa, Runyon, and Dukoff to name a few. None worked for me as well as hard rubber, but that is SO personal that it really doesn't matter. What works for me will most likely not work for you - and THAT is consistent among most players. DAVE
Bobsax: The question was about METAL mouthpieces . . . and price wasn't part of it; neither was the size of the saxophone.

While I don't usually recommend MY mouthpieces to others, I would most likely make one recommendation for sopranino and another for tenor, etc., etc.

Can we all agree that the size of the saxophone MAY have some bearing on what mouthpiece may be involved (and what answer would be provided)? DAVE
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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