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new mouthpiece

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buying a new mouthpiece?

what is the best all around metal mouthpiece?

your opinions please.

mouthpieces that you have tried?

alto sax sorry.
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I would have to agree that Size of the Sax, and the expierence of the player need to be questioned. The reason I say expierence, is becuase I have checked the threads he has started so far, and their seem to be alot of begginer questions. So I would deffiantly say that the players expierence should be questioned.
Few questions.
1) Expierence?
2) Horn, what are you playing on?
3) Alto, Tenor, Bari, Soprano, Bass, C-mel, Sopranino?
4) budget?
5) Style of music?

All these questions should be anwered before help can be adminstered.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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