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new mouthpiece suggestions

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Hi, I have been playing alto saxophone for about six years, most of which has been on a Jody Jazz Hard Rubber with a 6 facing. The mouthpiece is just too small, not letting me project as much as I need to. I am in college and I play with the college big band. I can spend up to $200 and am spoiled with a YAS Custom Z. I'd like to develop more of a distinct sound (obviously from more practicing) on this mouthpiece for playing outside of the big band as well. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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I second the idea of a Vandoren Java A45, although I'm surprised a Jody Jazz HR 6 can't do what you want. In fact, it can do what you want, I have one right here on trial (not sure if it's the same, this one is called a Savannah model) and it's a very fine mouthpiece.

While playing lead alto professionally I used a meyer 6M, and at various times I tried larger tips and different pieces, e.g. Lawton, Barone and Guardala, but I always came back to that 6M because the wider tips didn't actually give me any more projection than putting the same amount of extra effort that those mouthpieces required into my embouchure and breath support with the 6M.

Plus, I found the intonation to always be better with the 6M. So my first recommendation is to stick with the 6 Jody and work at your technique so that it gives you what you want.

If you want a different mouthpiece (and most of us get those urges), then I would suggest you try them out for yourself, it works much better than asking for recommendations from people on the internet
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I play professionally on a Jody Jazz HR 6. No issues with projection.

I wouldn't want a larger tip opening piece - too difficult to control, and would tend toward a dumpy, tenorish sound.
I agree about the control, esp for alto. Although I use a very wide tip on tenor (9*), as I said, that kind of equation doesn't translate to alto, especially for lead and section work.
Alright, I guess I'll just have to work harder to make it work. Just curious, what kind of ligatures are you guys using with your jody jazz's? I really appreciate your input!
I really like the stock lig that comes with it, but I also like a Rovner. In fact I'm using the Rovner because I have the mouthpiece on loan to test, and prefer to use the Rovner so as not to mark the mouthpiece. I currently have half a dozen alto mouthpieces to trial, I will be doing some recordings to compare and will post them once I have finished.
I currently have half a dozen alto mouthpieces to trial, I will be doing some recordings to compare and will post them once I have finished.
All done, more to follow I hope. See:
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