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Hi, I like to subscribe as a new member
of the Buescher club.

I got myself a real nice playing '61/'62 (not sure) Super 400 tenor
and I am very happy with it.
Although I have been a Conn-addept for many years I decided to
find a horn with a more lush and smokey and whispery low end.
My very first tenor sax was a beaten up Selmer Bundy I played for over
15 years that actually had a wonderful tone. Much like the Buescher Aristocrats.
I even recorded with it. Now after several years in the Conn camp
I heared back some of these Bundy samples and made me realize how good that sax sounded.
So then i decided to start looking for a similar kind of sax again however
now be it a 'real' Buescher. Unfortunatly the 40's/50's TH&C were beyond my budget and I could
not find a Aristocrat to my liking.
Then I came across this Super 400 on Ebay that had very little description
by the seller except that it played nice. And since he did not play him self he was not able to tell me much more about it.
The pics looked promising though and
a thorough look revealed a faint view of a nickel tone ring under the bell.
That and the serial 379,xxx had me convinced this should be a real pre buy-out
Super 400 that as I read the reviews should be close (not quiet I know) to the quality TH&C 400.
Anyway I was lucky to win the auction.

When it arrived I was surprised to see the case still had an old tight fitting removable brown cloth protecting cover with zipper
around it revealing the original Buescher case as almost new! The case even has a custom built in removable case with a Vito clarinet in it.
Unfortunatly I am not a clarinet player. Well, maybe one day...
The sax looked very shiny with very little scratching and corrosion what made me think it was relacquered. Fortunatly it appears original.
Apart from a few minor bumps in the bow it lookes like a typical closet case.
The sax already played very nice right out of the case (the seller was right). However it seems it has spend a long time lying flat
in the closet and could use some adjustments. Apart from the palm keys the pads looked almost new.
I am not sure if they are snap-ins though. The gold screw springs are all there and the first thing I noticed was they had lost some tension
so the low D to Bb were a little harder to blow. After I adjusted that it improved a lot. The tuning of the
sax is still a little on the flat side. I have my tech take a look on that.

Last night I took it to my band rehearsal and wow! What a fat sound!
Now the Conns I have sound fat but tend to get brighter when pushed. The 400
has that very deep fat core that stays thick even when growling and pushing it.
And ofcourse the very lush low end...
The Conns seem to be louder and more brutal. The Buescher is a gent and more focussed yet rich and warm
sounding but you can subtone, growl and scream very easily on it.
And it gets loud too.

I also noticed the Buescher appears a lot more mouthpiece finicky. Until now I could only get descent results with a
Link STM 7* and a Woodwind NY hard rubber, both large chamber pieces.

As I see it this sax has not been played for a long while and needs to
be played a lot again to 'bring it back to life'.

Anyway I am very happy it :mrgreen:.

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379k super 400 is the same as a TH&C but missing the masturbatory (if you indulge my poethical abuse of the language here) engraving. Kudos man, welcome to the club. The 400's have that "meat and potatos" conn thing going on plus a tad more sophisticated armonics spectre thing.

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Thanks! Yeah I sure know what you mean :mrgreen:

When I get the chance I'll take some pics of it and post them here.

The last few days I have been playtesting it to the 10M and
it keeps surprising me how big and full this Buescher sounds.
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