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We have decided to create a new sub forum in the Marketplace to allow vendors to post special offer ads to SOTW members. The present Marketplace buy/sell area (for qualified members) was not intended for volume sellers, rather it is intended for regular players (non-commercial) to occasionally trade items in limited quantities.

Inclusion in this new sub forum will require that the merchant be known and vetted, and a yearly fee will be required for them to utilize this section.

Each participating merchant will have their own self-named folder within the sub forum in which they may make their threads and posts. It will be READ ONLY for the viewers, so that those interested will have to contact each vendor personally, either via PM/email or off the forum, in order to ask questions and make offers.

This will be open for all members to purchase from including newbies, unlike the buy/sell rules regarding new members and ads in the other buy/sell area of the Marketplace.

Those merchants interested in participating should contact me via PM. Payment of the yearly fee will need to be made to SOTW via Paypal, and once confirmation is made, I will then create the sub folder and assign special permissions allowing them to create and edit threads and posts therein.
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