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Dear Saxophone Friends on the Internet,

Tim Lin here. Many of you know me someway or another through the internet. Times are tough right now as a full time musician so I'd thought I'd share a project I've been working on the past couple years.

If you are an aspiring saxophonist, student, or practicer looking for new vocabulary or interesting practicing materials, check out my nw book "Melodic Shapes for the Modern Improvisor" that I wrote with the great saxophonist Alex Murzyn who resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It has received rave reviews from Russ Ferrante, Garry Dial, Bob Sheppard as well as other highly respected players and educators

Topics covered: Chromaticism, Diminished Scale, Bebop Lines, Altered Scale, Tension and Release. The book is a plethora of ONE HUNDRED written out ii-V-I patterns transposed in all twelve keys for you to practice.

The special thing is the altered notes and tensions are outlined in color, so you can physically see the tension and release in these jazz lines.

I'm extending a discount to all SOTW members of 20% off this book using the code "SAXSPY" to save 20% physical copies or PDFs of the book.

Thank you for the support during these times!

Samples attached below.


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