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Hi all,

I know that I am relatively new to the forum, but I have some exciting news for those who are in search for a new jazz mouthpiece for tenor sax! This mouthpiece is called "The 42 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece" and it is designed by one of my saxophone teachers from back home in Cincinnati, Dr. James Bunte the saxophone professor from the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music. I was one of the first people to use this piece, but now Dr. Bunte has made his mouthpieces available online at Tenor Madness' website.

This mouthpiece ended my quest for a great affordable tenor mouthpiece, which are difficult to find depending on what you're looking for. The 42 is based off of vintage hard rubber Brilhart mouthpieces, except it is given a medium large chamber with a slight rollover baffle to provide a dark tone. This mouthpiece works well with any developed embouchure in my opinion. I find that you can create a fat tone like Eric Alexander's and even a bright Brecker tone on this piece. This piece leaves a lot of room for expression and it has greatly helped me develop a unique tone! On top of this, the piece is sold at the affordable price of $180. According to Bunte, a piece like this is usually valued in the $300-350 area!

I would highly recommend this mouthpiece to anyone at a more advanced level given the wide tip opening. I believe that the piece comes available in 7 and 7* tip openings, but I use the 7*. Keep in mind that it is a hard rubber mouthpiece and not a metal mouthpiece. James has gone beyond the call of duty to create such a great mouthpiece and I truly think this mouthpiece can compete with V16 and even some vintage Link mouthpieces!

Dr. Bunte also makes the 42 for alto, but I have not used it because I am generally a tenor player. However, I have asked around the community and those who use the 42 piece for alto are really impressed by it too!

If you have any further questions about this mouthpiece, you can contact me on here via private message. You can find the 42 Tenor piece by searching for it on the Tenor Madness website.

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