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Dave Klein Jazz ( is excited to produce an album that will feature 12 tracks composed by "Hard-bop" grandmaster Horace Silver!

In commemoration of "Hard-bop" legend Horace Silver, Dave Klein Jazz would like to produce a tribute album to be released on Mr. Silver's 85th birthday - September 2nd, 2013. The funds will be used to pay for the production/design/marketing of the new album. The majority of the funds will go directly to the accompanying musicians who will appear on the album. A much smaller portion will be used for album design and marketing costs. Finally, funds will be used to redeem backer rewards.

Tracks on the album will include:

Juicy Lucy, The Hardbop Grandbop, Tokyo Blues, Serenade to a Soul Sister, Senor Blues, Doodlin', Room 608, Quicksilver, The Preacher, Stop TIme, Filthy McNasty, Blowin' the Blues Away

Accompanying musicians will include Drums, Acoustic Bass, Piano/Organ, and Vocalists on selected tracks. Dave Klein will be performing on Alto and Soprano Saxophones, as well as vocals on selected tracks.

Recording/production will occur in August 2013 and the album will be released on September 2nd, Horace Silver's 85th birthday!
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