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New composition work

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I have a new recording at soundcloud (my only recording actually)

It's my first finished composition

I play violin on this track

Lot to learn I think

Comments please - if any.
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Mike -

The Doors! OMG!! - No I'm just joking, although I did like some of their stuff. 5 to 1 was great.

Yeah, that was a toilet. To be honest Mike, and I've already said so to Wade, I don't think I'll be writing any more stuff like "Traveller". Once off for that feel I'd think. Although never say never right? But it was a bit of a throwaway.

Thanks for listening Mike. With the sort of stuff I do, I'm unlikely to get many listeners, let alone people willing to comment, so you are very much appreciated.
Stephen, I will always support those who have an affinity for the less traversed path. Traditionality has all the support it needs and then some!
It's human nature and expected to attach oneself to traditional values which is exoteric and to repel the non-traditional which is esoteric. The few replies our type of work gets are wonderful in itself which are from a select circle of kind individuals. So, in essence we do pretty good considering the content we display.

I might add, the hits are a good indication that people are naturally curious. Some are not the replying type and in those silent hits are some who may enjoy it as well. Pragmatically speaking we're obscure. Basking in obscurity is exactly what I've done for years....I simply bask!

So what's a couple of black sheeps in the mix, huh?
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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