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New composition work

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I have a new recording at soundcloud (my only recording actually)

It's my first finished composition

I play violin on this track

Lot to learn I think

Comments please - if any.
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Szervusz Marton!

Great to hear some compositions. They are like a musical score for your artworks: ethereal with a sad and dark side. I like the compositions and your use of the electronic instrumentation, but don't think the violin fits in its recorded timbre. It sits very aside from the other sounds, but is not playing melodic ideas and is more like part of the background. Maybe you could modulate the violin to fit better into the soundscape?

Excellent effort and definitely communicates a feeling as does your other artwork.

Thanks for the post.
I'm half Hungarian, so can reveal that Hungarians are the type of people who get in a revolving door behind you and come out first.
Nailing Jelly is very interesting. I prefer superglue. Traveller seems less interesting to me as a composition. Your tone (although highly modified) seems clear and unwavering with a quality consistent vibrato. You use the sax as one might use it in an orchestra. In all these compositions you put the live instrument (violin or sax) pretty far back in the mix rather than in the foreground. This seems a little ambiguous as though it's not the focus or subject but just another bit of the software sounds, which is OK, but then why bother with any instrument you need to physically play? You have already mastered the electronic side and seem to be tapping into that unlimited potential that Mike alludes to.

I liked what you played in nailing jelly but found the "huff" attack on your notes a little disturbing at times. Full marks for composition in all except traveller. Very slight intonation problems with the violin mostly flat but at times sharp. I know I'm being very picky for someone who really wants to encourage you to do more compositional work, but these are mostly technical issues that can be addressed. The guts and creativity of what you are doing is more than good, it's pretty amazing.
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1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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