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New composition work

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I have a new recording at soundcloud (my only recording actually)

It's my first finished composition

I play violin on this track

Lot to learn I think

Comments please - if any.
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Nice Hungarian Wade! Great comment Wade. I know exactly what you mean about the assimilation side of the violin in these comps. I feel exactly the same way except at this point, not real sure how to overcome it. I'll have to keep at it till it behaves itself. Maybe something to do with the format - dunno. Anyway, thanks again Wade.
Thanks cooooljazz, at some point I'll do something with more trad instrumentation, but for the moment I'm finding the more abstract stuff a little too interesting. Actually at one point I played in a band with djembe and other percussion, thumb piano etc and me on violin.
Hiya Mike, thanks for listening. Oh I like the sullen description! Not sure why I did the dropout exactly, I think I just like the dynamic of stop start. To be honest I think I overplay in Miracle, but I'm putting it down to part of my learning experience where recording is concerned.

I'm very enthused and excited at being able to finally begin recording my own stuff. I've got some pieces written for sax which I'll upload as soon as they're done.
mascio, very much appreciated, thank you!

Been wasting hours today messing about with code for my website, but finally finished and now I can get back to music.
Thanks Pete, you're very kind. Hah, yeah the flying furniture and naked couple, that's some digital art stuff I completed a few days ago.

I've got about half a dozen pieces suitable for saxophone which I'll get started on today actually. Obviously I'm going to be a bit nervous about those ones being listened to by saxophonists much better than I, but in the end what doesn't kill me can only make me stronger. That's what I've heard people say anyway.

Very much appreciate your comments.
Uploaded a track - Nailing Jelly, on which I play tenor sax

Be mean, I'm Hungarian, I deserve it.
Thanks for listening Mike. I've edited "Nailing Jelly" since. Re the dark approach; It's just my approach at the moment. I think you'd agree that a one dimensional human being would be an utter bore, so I think you'd be surprised at the more breezy sounding stuff I'm working on at the moment.

Yeah, I'm nowhere near as proficient on sax as I am with violin, so it is what it is, and personally speaking I don't really want to play anything - violin included, in any tradition. For me that's not very satisfying, although, I am going through the whole learning jazz standards approach where sax is concerned. I'm really only doing that for technicality' sake. It's fun at the same time and I really enjoy playing sax. I'm a Colin Stetson fanboy I have to say.
New sax piece - Traveller
Comment welcommen
Wade -

Thank you for listening. Traveller is a throwaway piece I had to do. I'll probably never do anything like that again. I don't know why I did such a poppy instrumental, but there it is.

Re the background mix thing; I guess I like to listen to things as integrated wholes. I don't like it particularly when one sound or another dominates without there being real purpose for it. That's not set in stone though and will probably change as things progress, and if the piece calls for it. I play because I like it :-]

Re the "huff" thing - hmm, yeah I wish I didn't do that. It annoys me occasionally, preferring a smooth attack myself also, I may have to be more attentive. Man, I really appreciate the criticisms, because it's how a person responds to what they're hearing. It can't all be "that's great" etc. I know when I'm listening to stuff I do the same. Besides your crits are balanced and intelligent, so they're very welcome, as is your encouragement. Thanks.

Y'know, I'm hoping to get enrolled in an art degree for next year, I have my folio interview in two weeks time. If I get in, then I hope I'll have the time to continue composing. I couldn't not do this stuff. Besides, I need to do some video work alongside my sounds.
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Mike -

The Doors! OMG!! - No I'm just joking, although I did like some of their stuff. 5 to 1 was great.

Yeah, that was a toilet. To be honest Mike, and I've already said so to Wade, I don't think I'll be writing any more stuff like "Traveller". Once off for that feel I'd think. Although never say never right? But it was a bit of a throwaway.

Thanks for listening Mike. With the sort of stuff I do, I'm unlikely to get many listeners, let alone people willing to comment, so you are very much appreciated.
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