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Saxophone Artistry in Performance and Pedagogy from Dr. Eugene Rousseau is a new pedagogical masterpiece that defines and describes the essential factors for success in both classical and non-classical performance.

As Dr. Rousseau explains, "The sound quality concepts are understandably different (in both classical and non-classical performance), but the basic principles of the saxophone tone production, are undeniably similar." Dr. Rousseau continues to express clear and viable techniques, with the ultimate goal "to make ourselves (teachers) as useless as soon as possible." Throughout the book, Dr. Rousseau discusses a variety of topics saxophone from an historical view of the sound quality, articulations, learning techniques and many other topics. Rousseau students themselves recognize much of the material; especially the chapter entitled simply "Air".

Eugene Rousseau is one of the most influential saxophonists in the world and a recognized master teacher. He has performed across North America and on five continents since his Carnegie Hall debut. The legendary saxophonist Marcel Mule described Rousseau as "a brilliant saxophonist and distinguished artist," and critics the world over have echoed Mule's praise. His teaching includes a distinguished career at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music and, more recently, at the University of Minnesota School of Music.

Rousseau's artistry has inspired many "firsts." He gave the first solo saxophone recitals in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, London and Amsterdam. He has given a yearly master course at the prestigious Mozarteum in Salzburg during 1991-2001, marking the first time that the saxophone was included at that institution. He has premiered numerous works written for him, including the Partita by Juan Orrego-Salas (with the Haydn Trio of Vienna), Jind?ich Feld's Sonata for alto saxophone and piano, and Concerto for saxophones and orchestra, Bernhard Heiden's Fantasia Concertante for alto saxophone and winds, Hear Again in Memory, by Frederick Fox, Don Freund's Skyscrapings for alto saxophone and piano, and concertos by Libby Larsen, Claude Baker, and David DeBoor Canfield.

In this new book he shares the knowledge gained through a long career as performer and master teacher. He covers such topics as the proper use of the air, embouchure, reed adjustments, articulation and hand position. He discusses how the mouthpiece and ligature, instrument construction and pads affect the tone and intonation. Exercises and special fingerings are also included.

This book is an important resource for all saxophone performers and teachers. It includes 70 pages with 25 full colored pictures as well as several hand-drawn diagrams to aid in the explanations.

Saxophone Artistry in Performance and Pedagogy is available exclusively through Jeannè Publications at The purchase link is also available at
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