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Just wanted to give a quick SHOUT out to Mark Sepinuck and his new 10M Fan tenor mouthpieces!!!!

Steve Neff recently reviewed the new generation tenor pieces, specifically the orange model. He loved it, and it sounded great.

I have played the HR Black Widow model for a couple of years, and felt it was the best tenor piece I have ever played.

I contacted Mark, and he shipped me a new generation orange Black Widow.

All I can say is that it is insanely good, an incredible upgrade to the first generation. Such an amazing, full, huge, tenor sound. It can give you the low subtones when you need it. No, I mean really. In the next instant, you can scream out some altissimo or some crunchy highs, just like a metal piece. I cannot believe that one mouthpiece can do this. And the core sound is just like a tenor should be.

The orange model is actually CHEAPER than the HR model. Overcome your bias against strange / clear / plastic mouthpieces, and give this one a try. I am still in shock. I have found my Holy Grail tenor piece. Unreal!

BTW, I am just a working pro, no endorsement deals, nothing. I paid full price for this mouthpiece, and I am thrilled that I did.

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Thank you very much for saying that. I’m really glad you are loving this even more than the BW hard rubber piece you’ve been playing for years. The updates we made were for every model that I sell, and everyone has really loved what we have done to the mouthpieces.
This material is great and the pieces sound phenomenal. At $299 for a handfinished original design mouthpiece, it is a huge gift for the sax community.

I’ve got to post the great email that you sent me:


Are you kidding me????

How did you do it????

This thing is actually clearer AND darker AND bigger than the previous version. How is that possible???

It speaks so easily- low subtones all the way up to screaming altissimo. It’s like it has a wider tonal palette- across the board. I cannot believe that a single mouthpiece is capable of this. Never played anything like this before. You have done it!!!!!!! Best tenor mouthpiece ever.

Thanks so much!!!


Those are the emails, that we live for.
Enjoy your new mouthpiece and if you do a recording, let me know and I will post it on the site.
All the best, Mark
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