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Netflix for music

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Just a random thought while I wait for the coffee machine to warm up:

I pay around $10 a month for Netflix and since March, I haven’t seen a live show which sucks. I enjoy when people post YouTube clips of music here and I occasionally spend time scouring the net for concerts and music documentaries but it occurred to me that I’d very happily pay for a streaming service that was exclusively dedicated to music.

Imagine a service that would buy up all the Austin city limits, BBC, Live at Lincoln center, Tiny Desk etc shows as well as documentaries (muscle shoals, standing in the shadow of Motown, chasing trane, etc.) and would invest heavily in producing live shows from bands from all over the world...

Someone should get on that.
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I understand 'the everything is on youtube' and 'who would pay for this' arguments and that's probably why no one has done it. Still pretty cool to think about a *curated* service that would make suggestions, allow me to save stuff for later viewing, and doesn't expect me to watch a kid schlepping a $250 saxophone while I'm still basking in the afterglow of something like this:

Oh and most importantly, a lot of the streaming services have recorded in-house live sessions. I'd expect a service like this to be a go to place for live and pre-recorded concerts.

But now that I've had my coffee, I agree with you guys, it would might be too much to ask...
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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