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neff music clip

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i was just listening to the clip on

the lamberson clip (second down) just blew me away, not only the sound but the piece!
does anyone know what its called or if anyone can give me the music for it!
ive been listenin to that clip over and over again! id love to do it in one of my bands at some point
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It's just a random groove in G minor(on tenor). The band I was in used it for introductions for the bride and groom. I thought it was cool because half way through the clip the keyboard player and I go into a spontaneous riff at almost the same exact time. It sounds like it was planned but it's just improv. I'm glad you like it. STeve
have you got the rhythm section parts at all??

hey, ive worked out part of the middle bit on alto i think!

ill post a link to a recording of me in a minute.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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