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Kessler's house saxes are excellent. I have one of the custom deluxe tenors and it's a very nice horn. Very solid and cames with an excellent, high quality mouthpiece. Couple of members have played these horns pretty hard and have reported no issues with them.

Unfortunately, I can't speak from direct experience with the altos. But I have read good things about them and understand that they have a very nice line of hard rubber mouthpieces for alto.

I believe the Selmer LaVoix (and/or LaVie) is made in Taiwan or China, not sure which at the moment. Someone will be able to come on and clarify.

Give Kessler's a call. Dave and/or Chuck are very knowledgeable and straight shooters. They will question you to ascertain your needs, wants, and desires and recommend accordingly. Do a search and you'll find posts where they have not recommended their own horn in order to meet what the customer really wanted! I highly recommend doing business with them. They pack the horns very well. Mine played well out of the box after being shipped across the U.S. But I bet they'd recommend the Yani and they'd know immediately if one of their mouthpieces would give you the sound you're looking for.

Otherwise, hang on. You will get plenty of advice on this query! :) If you have the time and patience, I'm sure someone here would have something used that would be very nice!
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