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Stardust-need to know:D
Misty-need to know
Autumn Leaves-need to know
Autumn in New York-nice to know
Lullaby of Birdland-good to know
Tenderly-good to know
Take 5-need to know,good to play:D
My Foolish Heart-nice to know
My Funny Valentine-good to know
Solitude-If a ballad friend must know
And Strangers in the nigh-must know:D
They are my personal favorites and i can play all them well exept take 5 lol:Dneed to practice that one.They all are must know songs when you like jazz and play instrumensts:DBut you dont need to handle them all:)
I can play misty always in every Major and minor:DAlmost same with stardust;)
Fever is a nice to know too:)

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You dont need to know how to play them but you shoudl know at least 3 songs when you are a begginer,i suggest yesterday,white christmas and something faster.If you proffesional then you shoukld know everyone and with some reminding you should be able to play them all from your head and heart:)

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Lol:DIf you young one i suggest to you swing pieces like swinging sheperd blues and stuff(offcourse take 5 would be nice to play).I am not sure that most children like ballads and calm pieces:pthey need fast swing;)thats what i think:)

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autumn leaves
blue bossa
in a sentimental mood
cry me a river
girl from Ipanema
stars fell on Alabama
Palhaco (Egberto Gismonti)

the only ones I can play from memory are summertime, autumn leaves, Palhaco and equinox. The rest I'm working on now.

edit : stars didn't fall from Alabama. They fell on it.

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Mactenor said:
I have been trying to locate an old jazz recording that featured a tenor sax counterpointing with a baritone sax. The name was "Bopcycle", anyone ever heard it and knows who the artists are ?
That tune seems to be tied to Stan Getz more than anyone else. Not sure what date would have involved a Bari, but maybe you could try an AMG search under Getz.

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There would be two lists. One would be list jazz standards, that is, tunes written for the jazz idiom. The other would list standard tunes from the so-called "Great American Songbook" that are favored by jazz musicians.

The first list depends on the jazz era and genre that interest you. Some players learn all the bebop heads of Parker, Gillespie, Monk, etc.

Joy Spring
Yardbird Suite
'Round Midnight
Straight No Chaser

Others prefer more traditional Dixieland era tunes.

Royal Garden Blues
Basin Street Blues
At The Jazz Band Ball
Jazz Me Blues

Others like swing.

Stompin' At the Savoy
Flying Home

Others go for post-bebop contemporary tunes, which itself divides into more categories.

All Blues
Blue Bossa

The second list is too long to restrict to only ten tunes. I'd base it on what is being called most often at local jam sessions. Here's an example.

Just Friends
Autumn Leaves
What Is This Thing Called Love
Stella By Starlight
Body and Soul
All Of Me
Georgia On My Mind
I Remember You
On Green Dolphin Street
Pennies From Heaven

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Blue Bossa
Take the A Train
Satin Doll
Autumn Leaves
Green Dolphin Street
On the Sunny Side of the Street
The Girl From Ipanema
Georgia on My Mind (I don't know it)

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All of the above, plus

A Night in Tunesia

Bossa Nova from Jobim...
Chega de Suede (No More Blues)

All good to play on sax

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I cant see a single song on any of these lists that you dont need to know. In fact you need to know them all, no charts plus a whole lot more.

My Funny Valentine
The Nearness of you
Up the Lazy River
Giant steps
Watermelon Man
Just You, Just Me
I got Rhythm

These seem to be missing.

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