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Need Prices for Vintage Mouthpieces

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A shop I know has a few mouthpieces in particular that I'm looking at messing around with. I don't need an opinion on the items themselves, and they are not expensive mouthpieces, but I'm just wondering what you would consider to be a "fair price" to pay for them, since neither the shop nor I have much idea on some of them. Price per item, rather than all together would be great. Mostly I just want to know "Is this a $10 piece, is this a $30, $100" etc.

I've included basic descriptions, also. All pieces are Bb Tenor in Good to Fair condition.

- Conn Steelay Standard "5" Huge, round chamber
- Lyon & Healey (Buescher?) Open, round chamber. Marked '15-50'
- Brilhart - Levelaire 4* Huge baffle, otherwise round chamber
- Morgan 5L - Open, round
- Selmer Scrollshank C**, Old. U-chamber
- Runyon 7 with Spoiler, hard rubber
- Runyon Quantum, stainless steel, '8', no spoiled, but significant baffle

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