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i would need some help on how Noblet tenor necks are built and would greatly appreciate any feedback/info/hints/help.

The noblet tenor that i bought a while ago came with a neck that is flattened in the bend of the neck (common problem i assume...).
i need to have the neck restored/rebuild because it was maltreated in the past

From the picture of my tenor sax, s1.jpg
the neck itself does not have any re-enforcement that protects it against neck bend. The neck was repaired in the past i guess 1 or 2 times but rather poorly.
one would expect that either a "rib" would have been soldered in the inner bend or a metal bar/plate connecting begin and end of the neck but the neck does not show any signs that this was even done at original build.
I was considering to have the neck restored by a local tech, preferably as close as possible to original. Yet i am clueless since i did not find pictures of a Noblet tenor with similar build/characteristics that can provide me how the neck needs to be restored.

The following link shows an alto with a serial number (8826) that is ~200 later but is almost exactly the same as my tenor from build point of view (e.g. octave mechanism is same, keys etc.)

if anyone has pictures of a tenor with similar build, i would be interested in how the neck is build.
alternatively, since the 8826 alto is very similar to my tenor, is it safe to assume that a metal rod is to be soldered like with the alto neck?

Any information is very welcome and greatly appreciate your input to get the neck as close as possible to the original design/layout.

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This is commonly called "pull-down". I'm sure many of the technicians could fix this unless it's totally flattened (like a pancake). and yes, a reinforcement like a rib could be added to your neck.
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