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Hi all,

There is a site of which I am a member. The main demographic there is middle school, high school, and college aged kids who like to play Third Wave Ska Music, and some Funk Rock as well. The majority of the transcriptions are in tab format (ex: Bb, F, G#, etc.) Tablature is better for guitar and really lacks proper interpretation for horn music, especially since most horn players on the site read sheet music. It was kind of a mixup from the start. Lately, however, a number of users have been contributing sheet music transcriptions (including me) to the site so horn players can read the parts note for note, rest for rest, dynamics included, and get the correct form of the song. This is great but help is needed, as there are not many contributors, and some songs are difficult to transcribe.

Can anyone help transcribe songs in this style? Individual parts are ideal. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is a link to their requests forum:

Thank you all and have a nice day!
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