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Need help with a Buffet Clarinet

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Can anyone tell me would this be an R13 or if not exactly
what would the classification be, also if someone could give me
an opinion on the quality of the horn I would appreciate that.
I would be upgrading from an Evette Schaeffer plastic clarinet
my dad bought me about 38 years ago. As always thanks a bunch
, Jay.
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Yes, I have noticed that any Buffet on eBay in the late 40k serial # range is now called a "transitional" model, regardless of the features. Unfortunately, the most important change cannot be seen - the bore.

The horn the OP is looking at needs an overhaul. That is $500 in my neck of the woods, so the horn is worth no more than $100 to me.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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