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Hi folks,

I'm about to get a BMSS mouthpiece from a friend of mine, but some sort of sixth sense tells me to double check on it.
There are two things that annoys me.

1. I have a tenor Guardala piece (also a BM model) and coincidentally these two pieces have the same serial number!!! The only difference is that the tenor piece marked BMTS, and the soprano is BMSS, but the numbers are exactly the same. What are the chances that Mr.Guardala would mark two mouthpieces with matching serial?

2. Someone was selling the same mouthpiece (I mean BMSS) on eBay recently, and the serial number is so close to the one I'm looking at.
The difference is that the one on eBay is 3 digit, and the one I'm about to get is 4 digit. It's like this for example 9876, and 987.

I'm attaching a few pictures, hopefully someone will tell me whether this mouthpiece is original or not.
P.s. I was trying to capture the DG, and the BMSS, but my iPhone seems to be unable to make it clear.


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