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Need help for a OL Tone Edge identification please!

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Hi there,
There is this piece for sale on Ebay, and even I think I know how to recognize, I'm not sure about this one.
Here are some pictures of it.

I'm not sure if the box belongs to the piece because it written 7* on it.
Thanks for your advices.



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Link seems a little fatter externally but that might be the lighting and its matte surface vs. the other two's shiny surfaces.

Are you saying all three of these play about the same? Looking at the chambers that's what I'd expect. The two new pieces MIGHT be a tiny bit smaller inside?
The Link blank is bigger definitely, the two others pieces play a bit different but in the same direction and edgier. The Link is warmer and a tiny bit darker somehow.

I mean for the price the molds are definitely the way to go. I paid like 100$ each.
A video of how this mouthpiece sounds:

41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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