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Hi all :)
I left a post here a while back, asking a few questions about different horns available. Since then, I've done much more research, but have also bought a car, so my budget has been reduced...

So now I have a budget of around $2000, preferrably less if possible.
The line-up:

Kessler Custom Deluxe Model Alto Sax - Black with Silver Keys-Lots of great things on here about these. Waiting to here back from Dave to see if they ship to Aus. Anyone have quality issues though?
Yagnisawa Intermediate-Don't know the model name of the intermediate... Any help? My music teacher recommended this horn and said it should be around my price range.
Yamaha YAS275-Played this for a little while (a friend owns one) wasn't extremely impressed. Still an option though.
Buffet 400-Only heard good things about these, is there possible a slightly more advanced model under $2,000?
Jupiter JAS-2069GL XO Series-Came across these and they are similiarily price to Yagnisawa, any advice?
P. Mauriat Viva Custom Class Advanced Student-Really nice looking instrument, apparently well built, anyone?
Antigua AS3220BQ - Black Nickel Finish-Heard good things, astounding warranty, anyone have one?
Antigua Power Bell AS4240BQ-Same as above :)

So thats the line up. Some are a little above, some are below, but I can have some lenience.
You'll see I have picked a few with black nickel, the reason is I have played a couple and both had nice sound, nice tone, and they look so nice (IMO)

Hope someone can tell me about their personal experiences, particularly with the Kessler, Antigua, Yagnisawa and Jupiter. If anyone has any other horns to through into the mix, I'd love to hear them. I know I'm going to get multiple "Buy a Yamaga" but after playing a couple, I'm not impressed. Also, I'm not interested into going vintage because of maintenance and keywork etc.

Thanks everyone :)
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