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I have this conn 10 m (serial 329xxx) it was made around 48-49 so first year after rolled tone hole dissapeared.

This was given to me as a gift from my late grandpa. The lacquer of this horn was striped off with unknown reason (my grandpa passed away and my grandma who asked me to bring this "junk" home, thats what she said by the way) I asked my grandma why he striped off the lacquer, and she said, GOd knows why! 1 thing I know my grandpa was a very careful person although I never know he plays sax but my grandma told me he used to play it when his kids were small (my dad, I am 34 now) 1 thing I can think of why he was striping the lacquer, maybe he was cleaning the sax with a chemical substance he thought he could polish it (something like brasso) and accidentally took a large chunk of lacquer off then maybe he thought...oh damn...i'll just strip everything off...there yougo..wipe wipe wipe...

There is no major damage or dings or solder job anywhere except on the neck. I have i t restored and overhauled and adjusted and plays great now. There are few very minor dings tho.

I am thinking of selling it, I have it on the marketplace for you guys to have a look (with pics) as I want to get a mark 6 soprano.

I am putting $1600 for it, is it too expensive or too cheap??
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