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Hi all,

I have been looking for a 6m for a few months and finally narrow down to 2 choices. But to make the purchase a bit more complicated, both horns will cost exactly the same (including shipment) to me.

Option 1:
1936 6m metro
silver with gold wash bell - 100% [mint condition]
will be installed with new pads by current owners
ok condition vintage case

Option 2:
1939 6m VIII
lacquer - 95% +
Just overhaul
New contoured Protec case

My main concern here is the difference between metro and VIII - I've read through a few posts on the forum but I'd like to hear more opinions from the rest of the community.

I will not be able to try both horns at once as I live outside the state and I simply cannot afford to pay for both horn, test both and return the one I like less. :cry:

Thank you for your contribution and help! :bluewink:


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Quite honestly...the difference between the two as per model vs. how they play should be no more than 6 degrees of separation.... which go for the horn which is better set-up and professionally done so; you go with the horn in better condition.

One has been overhauled by a pro tech, I assume ? And the other is going to have pads changed by the owner, who is NOT a pro tech ? And the other one sounds like its condition is not as good as the overhauled one, if that is correct ?

Also, do both sellers offer a return policy ?

Personally, I don't buy the arguments that the VIII's were the best versions of the 6M. I think that argument is just a lotta internet 'talking-it-under'...trying to find truly significant differences where none really exist.

Both horns are great if in equal condition.

But if the second has been professionally serviced and is in better condition than the first....and you do not wish to spend anymore money on the horn once you get it....go for the second one,.

If you are prepared to spend another few hundred dollars of tech work on the first one.... get the first one.
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