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I picked up a Dolnet Low A Bel Air bari in nickel plate with serial number 66xxx from the charity estate auction of a local musician in a national touring band. I once spent part of an evening geeking out with him about his horn collection and am very happy that I won one of the saxes. I also helped some mutual friends get in on the auction's guitar action, but that's another story

The bari has some issues I'll need to sort out, one of which is that the pants guard and its solder legs were missing. Does anyone have a picture I could use to get one made? I was unable to find anything through Mr. Google.

The bari came with two Berg Larson 100/1 stainless mouthpieces, one of which has a slant signature on it. That was a nice surprise.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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