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Need a little advice

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I've just unherited a nice alto mark VI 1956, and having a great time learning to play the sax :mrgreen:
Along with the sax I got some mouthpieces and I discovered that some of them was for the tenor. Threre was only a selmer jazz metal for the alto and this is not optimal for me, since I'm a beginner. I bought a yamaha 4c, but it would be nice if I could get a better piece for the alto (e.g. a Phil-tone Meyer 5M).
Here are some of the pieces, the question is what can I expect to get doing a trade-off or should I rather sell them?
Finn (Denmark)


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Although the Phil Tone Meyer is very good by all accounts, there is no reason why the Selmer metal shouldn't be just as good for you (at the same stage of development) . It's down to what suits you.

I will second the opinion that a 4C is a great mouthpiece and no harm in sticking with that until you find something you prefer, and that should be something you try out, not just based on hearsay.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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