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For players just starting out I think the ideal strap is the "old fashioned" one made with leather that has holes in the strap and a buckle that adjusts to a fixed length. The length of the neckstrap affects the posture, tilt of the head, and the angle the mouthpiece goes into the mouth. To have the neck strap set at the ideal length by the teacher from the start can go a long way in developing consistency in tone production. This style of strap is getting hard to find but there are still some available....
I agree 110%. Not just for a beginner.

Buy a Belmonte 3488 bass clarinet strap; take off one of the hooks; shorten the strap and punch some holes where needed. I have been using this strap since 1978. The first one finally rotted out and broke after 20 years and so I replaced it with another of the same thing.

I use the adjust-with-slider type on a couple of saxophones and I don't like the way you're always guessing whether you've got the height right or not. And I know where the right height is, I've been doing this for 40 years. Another thing is that if you decide to make a small change in how high you hold the horn, you can inch up on it by going one buckle hole at a time, and the next time you practice, it'll be right there so you won't be tempted to backslide.

I have not seen any saxophone straps made of leather with a buckle offered for sale in many years, but with the proliferation of sax equipment in recent years there may be some. Most continue to use the slider adjustment.
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