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Neck size comparitive information needed

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Does anyone have or know of any resource on the variations in neck dimensions between the different popular sax makes and models that they would be prepared to share please?

Vintage saxes

If you just simply have your own sax's tenon diameter then please post that together with the make, model and age (of the sax not you ;) ) as all information will prove useful and we might be able to build up a resource between us if no one already has one!

Many thanks.
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Do you want the outside diameter, inside diameter, or both? Measured to the thousandths of an inch there are often different caliper readings as the tenon is rotated due to the fact that very few are perfectly round. Do you want the range of measurements, or perhaps an average? Why you want the information would be helpful to those who try to respond to your question.

Both, and in fact as much information as people are willing and able to share for alto and for tenor, plus as well as the tenon is the neck bore different for bigger bore instruments and if so how is it measured?

Why I want to know is because I've asked a manufacturer to make me some samples and being a high quality manufacturer they've asked me what precise dimensions I want. These will only be samples (please no one get excited, there's nothing for sale here, please no PMs and no expectations of anything arising from this OK?) so it's not crucial right now but I thought it might be a useful resource anyway for those who want to order a custom aftermarket neck.
Well it's safe to say that this didn't get an overwhelming response, ah well :(

For what it's worth here are the official values for the Keilwerth SX-90 and SX-90R:

Tenon length: 32.00mm
Tenon inside: bottom = 27.2mm and top = 25.8mm
Tenon outside: bottom = 29.9mm and top = 28.1mm

If anyone has the same information for their horn and feel like sharing then please do! :)
If anyone could help me with providing the same information as I've provided above for the Keilwerth but for any of the following I'd be very grateful :)

  • Selmer Mark VI
  • Selmer SBA
  • Any other vintage sax
  • Selmer - all current models
  • Yamaha - all current models
  • Yanagisawa - all current models
Many thanks indeed!
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