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I'm assuming....
That you're referring to your neck screw as being broken off and the remaining threads are still stripped inside the receiving nut(or threaded receiver.)
If I'm indeed correct,...
Drill a pilot hole in the broken screw, the smallest drill bit you have(1/64",1/32"),take some liquid wrench on a q-tip, (or any other PENETRATING oil)
now insert your easy out extractor, remember it's reverse threads,
back off gently,
retap gently the inside threads, be careful!!
Don't cut,until you know what is is...
it could be american, or metric,you never know...
investigate the correct thread,
get replacement thumb screw from Ferree's
good luck!!

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If you are taking your sax to a tech then let him/her remove your neck screw .
99% of the time broken screws can be removed without drilling or re tapping the thread IMHO. I use the ferrees neck screw tool its like a screwdriver but with 8 teeth in a circular pattern on the end. Push it into the non broken end of the remaining part of the screw thats stil in its housing and screw the screw back out! its that simple for the most of the time. Difficult ones may need to be "drilled out" - I have had 2 in the last 4 years like that and literally hundres of the other type where they come out in a matter of seconds.
Various suppliers sell neck screws of different size threads etc. your tech should - if he does a fair amount of saxes hold a stock of new ones and old ones from obsolete models that have been used as donor horns.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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