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Neck Recommendations for Selmer Super Action 80 series ii

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Has anyone had any success with after-market necks for my horn? I need a new neck and I'm not sure what to buy. I've read through some threads but I haven't seen anything about the SA series 2.

I will see what I can find in stores, but if I have to buy one blindly online, is there something that someone was really pleased with?

Point of clarification - do the Selmer Paris necks fit my horn like a glove? I'm assuming the later Paris model changes were purely cosmetic.. but I have no idea. I realize a tech can make adjustments, but I'd like to buy a neck and be able to play without another visit to a tech.

^^ will that neck fit my horn like a glove? Anybody playing my horn and gone through this process?????
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I did it for my Mk7. Tried S-III, Ref36 and Ref54 necks, plus 2 Ponzols, settled on a Ref54. The tech had ordered several of each from the local distributor.
The only modification needed was a small segment of rubber tube on the lever of the higher octave mechanism.
I remember someone on the forum used to play a SA-II tenor with a Ref neck (but who ?).
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