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Neck Problem??

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I have a mark vi alto serial # 88*** - I was looking at the neck earlier today and found that the octave key lever wiggles back and forth when touched -- the neck has never been pulled down and it plays fine --- is this normal or is this something that should repaired ?
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They all have some wobble but the main thing to check is that the pad seats well. If there is too much of a depression, it may be best to replace with a new pad. I use Clarinet pads sometimes as they tend to make less slap noise.
It just means that there is some play in the key and it doesn't have to be fixed unless it's causing the octave pad not to seal properly. Having it fixed it should give the key a more fluid/smooth action when moving up and down and a more reliable seal.
jmm1713 said:
the octave key lever wiggles back and forth when touched...
Then don't touch it!

If it seals reliably and the key operates smoothly, there's nothing to fix.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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