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Neck pieces of different angles

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I'm wondering if anyone makes alternate neck pieces. When I play, I stand. The new sax I just got (Jupiter) is a little tigher and has a little different dimensions than my old horn. I had to bring up my harness a lot to get the mouthpiece at the right place, and now my left arm feels like a little T-rex arm in an awkward (for me) position/angle. I'd like to drop the sax harness down. Though if I do, I have to bend my neck down and can't look straight ahead. So obviously the neck piece for the horn should be angled up more, instead of a 90 degree angle.

Does anyone make alternate neck pieces in different heights/angles?

Could I just find an alto neck (they usually appear angled upward), if the junction diameter matches?

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Also, you want the mouthpiece to enter your mouth more or less horizontally. What you're proposing will alter that.
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