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Neck pieces of different angles

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I'm wondering if anyone makes alternate neck pieces. When I play, I stand. The new sax I just got (Jupiter) is a little tigher and has a little different dimensions than my old horn. I had to bring up my harness a lot to get the mouthpiece at the right place, and now my left arm feels like a little T-rex arm in an awkward (for me) position/angle. I'd like to drop the sax harness down. Though if I do, I have to bend my neck down and can't look straight ahead. So obviously the neck piece for the horn should be angled up more, instead of a 90 degree angle.

Does anyone make alternate neck pieces in different heights/angles?

Could I just find an alto neck (they usually appear angled upward), if the junction diameter matches?

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So I need to ask, did you try this horn before you bought it? If so, didn't you feel that it was uncomfortable then? If you didn't try it, then that was a big mistake all the way around. How would you know if it was a suitable instrument? Intonation, ergonomics and the build quality all being important. Personally, I've owned at least one alto of every major brand of saxophone over the years and I've never had an issue with the neck angle. Jupiter is one brand I haven't tried, but I would assume that like most modern brands it's design is based on the MK VI. But that's just an assumption not a fact. You may want to take it to a tech to make sure it's not bent.
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