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I'm here again playing, dirty and all by ear, some classic neapolitan songs.

Tonight song is Voce 'e notte (Voice in the night):

below, an excerpt from Wikipedia translated by google translator:

Voce 'e notte is a Neapolitan song composed in 1903 and published in 1904 by the Bideri musical editions. The lyrics was written by Edoardo Nicolardi, while the music was made by Ernesto De Curtis.

The lyrics of the passage tells of a man who went to the balcony of the woman he loved to declare his sentiment, although she is already engaged with another man, who sleeps by his side. It is no coincidence that this is a purely autobiographical composition: in fact Nicolardi, at the age of 25, had fallen in love with Anna Rossi, who, at the behest of his parents, married Pompeo Corbara, a wealthy seventy-five-year-old merchant , but after the latter's death, he was finally able to take the girl as a wife.

Lyrics in Neapolitan language:

Si 'sta voce te scéta 'inta nuttata,
mentre t'astrigne 'o sposo tujo vicino...
Statte scetata, si vuó sta scetata,
ma fa' vedé ca duorme a suonno chino...

Nun ghí vicino ê llastre pe' fa 'a spia,
pecché nun puó sbaglià, 'sta voce è 'a mia...
E' 'a stessa voce 'e quanno tutt'e dduje,
scurnuse, nce parlàvamo cu 'o "vvuje".

Si 'sta voce te canta dinto core
chello ca nun te cerco e nun te dico;
tutto turmiento 'e nu luntano ammore,
tutto l'ammore 'e nu turmiento antico...

E si te vène 'na smania 'e vulé bene,
na smania 'e vase córrere pe vvéne,
nu fuoco ca t'abbrucia comma cche...
vásate a chillo...che te 'mporta 'e me?

Si 'sta voce, ca chiagne 'inta nuttata,
te sceta 'o sposo, nun avé paura...
Vide ch'è senza nomme 'a serenata,
dille ca dorme e che se rassicura...

Dille accussí: "Chi canta 'int'a 'sta via
o sarrà pazzo o more 'e gelusia!
Starrà chiagnenno quacche 'nfamità...
Canta isso sulo...Ma che canta a fà?!...

and English translation:

If this voice wakes you up in the night
while your husband is holding you close
stay awake if you want to stay awake
but show that you sleep full sleep.

Don't go near the window to look
because you can't go wrong, this voice is mine.
It's the same voice as when both,
shameful, we called ourselves "you".

If this voice sings you inside your heart
what I am not asking and not telling you;
all the torment of a distant love,
all the love of an ancient torment ...

And if you get the urge to love,
a longing for kisses will run through your veins,
a fire that burns you like this,
kiss him ... what do you care about me?

If this voice crying in the night
wake up your spouse, don't be afraid:
do you see that the serenade is nameless?
Tell him to sleep and reassure himself ...

Say it this way: Who sings in the street
or he will be mad or die of jealousy!
Some infamy is crying ...
He sings only ... but what sings to do?

Ciao and keep you safe.

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Some nice renditions:


Roberto Murolo

Lina Sastri

Mario Abbate

Orchestra Italiana di Renzo Arbore

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grande Guido! Il repertorio napoletano classico è fonte di ispirazione ed ha un potenziale melodico immenso...
Grazie Gianni,

I also think that the classic neapolitan songs are a gold mine and that they are able to inspire all musicians well.

I would like to hear someone better than me playing one of these classics.

Why not you ? I can't wait to listen to you in some Neapolitan classic song.

Ciao, ti abbraccio.

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