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I persevere to play, dirty and all by ear, some classic neapolitan songs.

Tonight song is Passione (Passion), using JJ DV 7*, a different and more rough mouthpiece

below, an excerpt from Wikipedia translated by google translator:

Passion is one of the most famous Neapolitan songs of all time, constituting a poignant analysis of ecstasy and suffering of love. It was written in 1934 by Libero Bovio (among other authors of many other successful Neapolitan songs such as Lacreme napulitane, Silenzio cantatore, Tu ca nun chiagne, 'O Paese d'o sole, Zappatore, Chiove, Signorinella, Guapparia) and set to music by Ernesto Tagliaferri and Nicola Valente.

Lyrics in Neapolitan language:

"Cchiù luntana me staje, cchiù vicino te sento
chi sa a cchistu momento tu a ca piense, che faje?
Tu m'he mise dint'e vvene, 'nu veleno ca è ddoce
nun me pesa 'sta croce, ca je trascino pe' tte

Te voglio, te penso, te chiammo
te veco, te sento, te sonno
è 'n'anno, ce piense ca è 'n'anno
ca 'st'uocchie nun ponno cchiù pace truvà?

E cammino e cammino, ma nun saccio a ddo' vaco
je so' sempe 'mbriaco, e nun bevo maje vino
Aggio fatto 'nu voto 'a Madonna d'a neve
si me passa 'sta freva, oro e perle Le do.»

and English translation:

«The further away you are, the closer I feel you
who knows what you're thinking about right now, what are you doing?
You put a poison in my veins that is sweet,
but I don't mind this pain that I endure for you.

I want you, I think of you, I'm calling you
I see you, I hear you, I dream of you
it's a year, think about it it's a year
that these eyes can no longer find peace now?

And I walk and walk, but I don't know where I'm going
I'm always drunk, but I never drink wine
I made a vow to Our Lady of the Snow,
if I pass this gold and pearls fever I give you"

Ciao, keep you safe.

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Some nice rendition :

Sergio Bruni

Enzo Gragnaniello

James Senese

Teresa De Sio

Lina Sastri


Roberto Murolo
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