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Nathan Haines

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There are finally some clips of Nathan Haines of New Zealand, on Youtube - thought I'd post some links. I am in no way affiliated or related to him but just a fan.

Cheers - hope you folks enjoy :)
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yeah, great playing. I think I have seen these posted before though (by kavala?). Is this guy a big star in nz? I must admit I hadn't heard of him before this forum (which could obviously be my ignorance!).
Sorry RootyTootoot for late response, but here goes - Nathan Haines is a very talented musician (from a musical family) who took his music making journey offshore - mainly England....He may be a big star in nz...???
He made a very good album with a dance producer called Phil Asher called 'Sound Travels' a few years back. The follow-up was pretty rubbish though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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