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"Napule è" (Napoli is it) by Pino Daniele, for your ears.

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I'm working to check the pitch, step by step with little changes at my setup.

I play this tune using JJ DV Chicago 7* and a new Hartmann Fiberreed Carbon Classic.

One take without effects on the mixer:

Another take using reverber:

What is the best regard the pitch ? The answer to your ears.

Ciao and keep you safe.

T Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz - JJ DV Chicago 7* - Hartmann Fiberreed Carbon Classic M
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You've asked about "pitch", but did you mean tone? Nice tone on both clips. I'll answer first regarding pitch. The first one seems to have all in tune but a few notes in the lower octave between G and C2 that are very slightly flat. In the second clip there are a few notes sharp in the second octave, but not consistently. I'm also hearing the same lower octave G to C2 a bit flat at times. The first is better, but the inconsistency makes me think that minor intonation discrepancies you're already correcting for somewhat, but not consistently.

The sound quality usually is better with some reverb as it blends out our tone, but many overdo this. What's desirable is to use an amount of reverb that matches the backing track so that you sound like you were all in the same environment when recording. That's almost impossible when playing a track through speakers and recording you live. It's best to have the backing track in its original form in your computer and to be recording your sax track separately alongside then mixing it and adding the appropriate amount of reverb, delay, etc. to match. A video is never going to give you a quality recording. Instead try to be making the best of your sound and the backing track. Using the microphone on a video camera, and being that far away from the microphone, is very undesirable as it picks up more of the sound of the room. Ideally you want to have a decent quality microphone not more than 1/2 meter away and pointed towards your G key, which definitely doesn't suit doing videos. A common problem is that people put the microphone facing in the bell, which is OK until you hit a low B or Bb which then "BOOMS".

There are a number of instruction videos on the web on how to make good quality home recordings. It doesn't take much more gear than you already have, and certainly doesn't require fancy editing programs. It's best to keep it simple. Best of luck.
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