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Okay, so basically my friends and I are in a SATB saxophone quartet for the upcoming Solo and Ensemble Festival in our county. Thing is, we can't think of a name. The piece we're playing is Drastic Measures, Movt. 2 by Russell Peck. I was thinking of something more laid-back, possible a play on words. I came up with the Sax Pistols haha. Something along those lines maybe? Thanks.

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Whenever these threads come up, there seem to be two lines of though about the sax/sex pun. I think most people tend to hate them, but I may be wrong.
Yes, you could be wrong. Actually, I or anyone can be wrong. But in this case? you ain't, IMHO. :)

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The Peck Posse
Take Your Peck
The Pickled Peppers
A Bushel and a Peck
The Gregories
Just A Peck
On The Cheek
The Woodwind Peckers
The Green Bay Peckers
Peck This! (*this one's my personal favorite)
Everything but the Pickled Peckers.
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