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It is not made by Adolphe Sax because Sax's body ferrules are different, and Sax's instruments are always marked with the AS logo stamp. Also, Sax didn't use the little round bumper holders for the felts on the keyguards.

Because the horn has a side C it is probably from around 1895 - 1905. My best guess is that it is an Evette & Schaeffer. Check Vintage Saxophone Gallery (Saxpics' site) for more clues.

If you use an old mouthpiece with a huge round concave chamber, you will get the best intonation and the most authentic sound, probably around A=435, but still usable in a modern A=440 ensemble. It won't be very loud, but after you've lived with it a while you'll get to like it more. Most modern mouthpieces will make the horn terribly out of tune, but that's not the fault of the horn. Let the instrument tell you what the best mouthpiece is. You'll have fun discovering the sound of the original saxophone.

It's a nice horn. I considered bidding on it myself. You will get used to the double octave key in a few days. Keep us posted after you play it.
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