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My SDA/S-1 Baritone Has No Serial Number Marked - or is it just hiding ?

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I just got back from long term loan my Buffet Crampon baritone, which seems to be a transitional model between the SDA and the S-1. The engraving on the bell doesn't mention either model by name and neither is it marked on the back of the body tube.

I wanted to check the serial number against some lists to get an idea of when it was made, but I just can't find a number in any of the usual places.

Where should I be looking ?

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Many thanks to you for those suggestions. The serial number is almost totally hidden towards the bottom of the body tube under the rods for the low Eb/C, just as suggested by nigeld and by Graysax.

It turns out to read 24,9xx and the chart here: tells me that means 1976/77 well into the S-1 model run. I have no idea why S-1 is not marked on the instrument.

Does it have more or less the normal engraving, just "S-1" not engraved?

I expect these were all done by hand, so an error is not unheard of. Somewhere there's a photo of a Conn 10M engraving in which the "lady" in the pentagon is upside down!
Yes, normal floral engraving on the bell, but no S-1 in a diamond.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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