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I nailed a solo like I have never nailed one, including a G5 on a 2-bar break at the apex, while standing on a table, in a packed room, jamming with the James Brown Band in November of 2000. That solo -- or, more specifically, its results among the crowd -- got me invited to sit in with the JB's at their end-of-tour party later that week, at which there were a lot of local "big guys" who'd been invited to the party but not invited to play. Within a month I started getting called for gigs with aforementioned "big guys" in town, paying twice what I was making before.

That solo was probably the most important 24 bars of my career to date.

The second most important gig was the night before my wedding, with Tim Casey and the Bluescats, my current gig -- we actually had the rehearsal dinner at the gig, which serendipitously was in a large, classy, non-smoking joint. Not a single screwup, with all the inlaws there to watch. The band was killer, my solos popped, everybody danced. "The Musician She Was Marrying" got the big OK from her whole family. Whew.

I didn't do too badly at the "Pro Jam" at Cozy's in L.A. this past Monday night; I got asked for my card about a dozen times and actually got asked to play a gig in L.A. this weekend. (I regretfully explained that I was going back to Seattle the next day.)

Good things happen. I wouldn't be in this crazy business if the glory didn't balance the pain.
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