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My new song, new youtube channel

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I've been using the quarantine to level up some of my side skills, especially flute chops and composition/production and video.

So... I started a youtube channel to post music! It will be a mix of sax and flute stuff, jazz, poppy/synth wave stuff, probably some r&b or something funky at some point, maybe classical, contemporary compositions, etc. Basically whatever I feel like getting into. Hopefully this first tune is poppy enough that lots of people will like it. Next one was written as a jazz tune, but since it's just me playing it, I made a kinda minimalist arrangement of it. Anyway, that will be up in a week and a half or so. This one is straight-up synthwave, blatantly derivative of 80s pop and the most ambitious mixing job I've done so far. It's not super heavy sax playing or anything but I hope someone here will get a kick out of it and I guess you gotta be somewhat shameless to do shameless self-promotion lol.

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Very nice! You’ve really nailed the 80’s vibe and your playing was absolutely perfect for the arrangement. Thanks for sharing.
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