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My new song, new youtube channel

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I've been using the quarantine to level up some of my side skills, especially flute chops and composition/production and video.

So... I started a youtube channel to post music! It will be a mix of sax and flute stuff, jazz, poppy/synth wave stuff, probably some r&b or something funky at some point, maybe classical, contemporary compositions, etc. Basically whatever I feel like getting into. Hopefully this first tune is poppy enough that lots of people will like it. Next one was written as a jazz tune, but since it's just me playing it, I made a kinda minimalist arrangement of it. Anyway, that will be up in a week and a half or so. This one is straight-up synthwave, blatantly derivative of 80s pop and the most ambitious mixing job I've done so far. It's not super heavy sax playing or anything but I hope someone here will get a kick out of it and I guess you gotta be somewhat shameless to do shameless self-promotion lol.

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Nice stuff Dan. Exactly as you described it. Great video work too. Your alto sound works perfectly on this track. Right in the pocket. Nice phrasing. Not over done and the right kind of outro solo. Looking forward to your next tracks. Best, Alex
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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