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My music on!

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Please take note these are my compositions on synth, I just want your opinions on my melodies and what I can do to improve in some areas.

I have two music set up there, just click play!

WARNING: Non Smooth Jazz lovers, beware!
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JazzItUp said:
Hey thank you for that speech! I have thought about it twice, I'm thinking I stay in the Smooth Jazz world but I'm not going to be afraid to take any chances...
Actually, unless you go out into the undeniably "hardcore jazz" world, you're probably going to be "stuck" under the "smooth jazz" label if you choose to play anything instrumental or mellow. It's just the way it is. At least based on a smooth jazz radio station here in so cal, "94.7 The Wave," smooth jazz can range anywhere from Earth, Wind & Fire's "September" song, to Lionel Ritchie's "Easy," to Vanessa Williams' "Save the Best For Last," to The Temptation's "Just My Imagination," to Kenny G's "Silhouette," to anything. You get the point.
By the way I listened to your songs last night. I think one of them is on your myspace website? Anywayz, it sounds very nice, "Happy" is how I can describe it.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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