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My music on!

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Please take note these are my compositions on synth, I just want your opinions on my melodies and what I can do to improve in some areas.

I have two music set up there, just click play!

WARNING: Non Smooth Jazz lovers, beware!
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jrvinson45 said:
Ethan, Ethan, Ethan,
I think you've been sandbagging us with your saxophone talk. For the genre you've picked, I'd almost say you're not really smooth jazz because you haven't learned to bore us with the drum machine yet... Really, I'd say you're about ready to set the New Age group on fire, because this is really right up their alley. You're right, the non smooth jazz crowd isn't going to show up here, but if you dig it, what the heck, you're right on track and there's nothing but green lights up ahead. Great effort.
Hey jrvinson45, :D I don't think I've been sandbagging you guys here, you guys are like family to me. That would be a rather harsh thing to do! I'm kind of leaving that Smooth Jazz path because it is predictable, but it's hard to leave something you really like. I'll try funk , pop, r&b & gospel, but even though I like real hardcore jazz, truth is, I can't play it!

Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for listening!
Hey thank you for that speech! I have thought about it twice, I'm thinking I stay in the Smooth Jazz world but I'm not going to be afraid to take any chances. I have a video up on youtube on one of my compositions and somebody said it really shows my style, but that's the thing, I don't have just one style. I like doing alot of things, so maybe that's what will happen.
Thanks again for the support, apparently you were the only one who took the time to listen! So I really appreciate it!
FighterForJC said:
By the way I listened to your songs last night. I think one of them is on your myspace website? Anywayz, it sounds very nice, "Happy" is how I can describe it.
Thanks JC. You probably heard "Her Smile". That one is mostly pop jazz... smooth and relaxed. Not that many soloing going on in that one... but my new project called Groove Again, that one has some more solos and is def. groove oriented. Here let me give you the link...

here it is

did you listen to this one before??
CardinalRule said:
Hey, Great Job! You definitely have a style and a wonderful melodic sense going for you.
Have you checked out a site called indaba music? You can put your music up and find people to collaborate with--who knows, maybe you'd find a great virtual band to work with and fully realize your tunes.
Keep up the great work!
Dude thanks man! Love that website! I'm going to find some musicians to jam with!!!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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