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my lucky day!

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it seems that lately I am a bit lucky!
in the last few weeks after getting a devine alto Balanced action in a very good deal ( it is the fisrst time I ever feel like this for a horn) I got a yani s6 (here in the forum) and a paraschos wooden neck for tenor.
Since I had seen the Buffet_Powell that J. DuMars had for sale a while ago I was totally intrigued on the design of that horn and after reading (only) positive comments about it I started looking for one with no luck for the last few months.. But a couple of hours ago I spotted one (alto) in ebay, asked the seller if he would set a buy it now price and he did.. I got it without a second thought!! (he said that the pads were in good condition and that it did not have any mechanical problems or parts missing.. the peson who owned it just stopped playing sax!)
I can not wait to get the horn in my hands....:D :D
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