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A number of you will of heard of Frank and those of you who haven't would do well to get acquainted with his superb playing. Frank is from Eugene, Oregan and was part of the New York scene from the early 80s to the mid 90s where he played with the likes of Ron Carter.

Now an established educator and leader in London I was grateful that Frank allowed me to interview him as part of my Cambridge website. The full interview will be posted soon, but it is only available to members of the site, (you can sign up for free access till the end of the month on the site). In the full 40 minute interview, Frank has some amazing stories, insights and tips for saxophonists or musicians at any level. There is a quick 'taster' [URL=""]video here and you can listen and buy Frank's music via iTunes here

Frank is one of those guys who always has time for younger musicians and he is incredibly generous with his immense knowledge.

Hopefully more interviews to come!
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