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My Inderbinen alto is here!

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Yeap, the title said it all... I've just received my Inderbinen alto sax today, after 11 months of waiting from Switzerland, and 2 weeks at New York to clear customs.

What a sax! It's the most unique sax that I've seen. The finish is something like alien, very, very pure, rough (I'm not talking about a rough surface, the surface is as smooth as any other sax), mix that with the shiny modified-Yamaha keywork and you have something out of ordinary. It's a bit lighter than my P. Mauriat 67R...

The tone... wow, just fat, solid, punchy, and it will take as much air as I can blow into it... altissimos just scream, I was going like crazy from G, G#, A, ... D, to E.

The neck tenon is much smaller than the P. Mauriat, so I can't use the Mauriat neck with this, nor the Inderbinen neck with my Mauriat because it's really loose.

Really this is my dream sax, I've been playing with it for the past 2 hours and couldn't put it down. I don't know if a lot of it come from the fact that I've spent a heck of money and time waiting for it, but at the moment, nothing comes close to the Inderbinen. I hope that I can give a much better judgement when I spent more time with it in the future...

Now I'm back to practice...

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Congratulations, I hope you enjoy it for many years.
Maybe post afew sound sure we all would love to hear it ....
Congrats on the sax!!!! (and on the invesment ;) )

Does it take less air volume to play and less pressure, thus allowing the throat more flexability to shape the tone and change the tone a few times easily withen the same phrase? Is it easier to play louder and softer on it than what you have generally found in modern pro saxes?
It doesn't exist without pics!!!

We want photos, We want photos :D
I will try to have some sound clip if possible :) I've been talking with Jason DuMars for the last couple of days, I really want to send it to him for something even more unique, but right now I just don't want to leave it :)

Saxland: It reponses really, really quick... It does requires less air, the notes just pops out; the bottom are fat, and easy! Again, I will need to spend more time with it to give a better review.

As soon as I can find where the heck is my battery charger for my digital camera, I will have tons of pix! It just so unique that I can't describe it... It doesn't look like the photo of Candy Dulfer holding it on her website, that pix made the sax looks more black... The real look (or mine maybe different from hers) is more of raw brass, brown-ish color.

Is it similar to any other brand of sax you've played, either vintage or modern?
tjontheroad said:
It doesn't exist without pics!!!

We want photos, We want photos :D
I haven't played any "vintage" sax yet, so I can't comment on them... I've briefly played my teacher's Mark VI for 10 minutes, other than that, I haven't owned any. I do, however, owned and played Reference 54, Yanigasawa, B&S Medusa, Rampone & Cazzani, Cannonball, Borgani, P. Mauriat... I guess these are all new saxes in the market, and the Inderbinen - in my limited time of playing it - surpass them. In term of response, action, and tone! I just love the tone, sweet, powerful, and I can fly across the entire range with ease.

It feel "smaller", compare to my current P. Mauriat 67R, and my previous Ref. 54 if I remember correctly, but it just solid, and again, much more powerful.

Just dreaming here, but what is the wait time after ordering and what percentage do they require up front to order?
Well he did say 11 months in his first post...
I am wondering if one can order with a percentage down and pay the balance upon completion. In other words is it an 11 month wait after paying in full, or an 11 month wait after a deposit?
Hi Saxland,
Yes that's one of the options, althought each wire-transfer from your bank to Thomas' bank would cost you $30/transaction, so I recommend saving all your money and just do a one-time transaction. You put down a deposit of $1500 USD, and paid the rest at the end or through out your waiting period... You have 30 days to return the item if it's not what you want... Well, I wish I have money to try his soprano, too!

Is anything customised or is the design the same for anyone? I wouldn't know what to customise with his horns as they seem unique to begin with.
what do you mean by "modified yamaha keywork"? i'm interested to know if his keys are designed after them or if they are actually modified Yamaha stock.

oh and Congratulations on a fine horn!

May you have a long honeymoon with this horn.

sorry...searched after i posted. keyboard diarrhea
trinitron said:
sorry...searched after i posted. keyboard diarrhea
now I want to know... guess I gotta search.:)

Found it. I have got to stop being so lazy.
I think it will take more than 2 hours to come to a definitive conclusion about this (or any) horn - more like 2 months. But I hope you wind up loving it as much as you do now.
I did not customized anything with the horn, I think he built them all the same, at least that's what I got from talking with him... It just unique, different, and again, everytime I take it out of the case, it seems out of ordinary, like nothing else...

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